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Veterans at the Claremore Veterans Center and across Green Country are in need of provisions resulting from having served in the Armed Forces. After returning home, veterans often face a different battle in adjusting and connecting to post service life. Consequently, unemployment, homelessness, disability, mental health, injuries, education, and the development of addictions in order to cope, leave veterans in need of help. 

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It is our mission to support our local veterans through providing necessities and care.

From geriatric chairs and necessity items,

to entertainment, GCVA has provided the funds

to make it possible for veterans to find the care

they need through the help of our community.


GCVA is dedicated to raising awareness and connecting our community with our veterans to

help them adjust and enjoy their post service life. 

Supporting Your Local Veterans Since 2003


James D. Baker founded Green Country Veterans Association in 2003.

A veteran himself, James served in the United States Army during the

Korean War. James became involved in non-profit work at the American

Legion Post One where he has been a member for over 50 years, and holds

the longest record for Commander of the organization with 8 years at the helm.

He has also served on the Selective Service Board for 17 years. Outside of his

non-profit work, James has worked for Moore Funeral Home for 28 years full

time, and still works there part time after his retirement in 1997. Along with his

wife Sandy, they have raised 7 children and enjoy spending family time in

addition to their volunteer and nonprofit efforts. 

​Sandy Baker serves as the Secretary and Treasurer for GCVA. 

Veterans Need Your Support Today!

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